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Out of the Box Idea: Country Western Wedding

Out of the Box Idea: Country Western Wedding
March 22, 2018 Riana Ang-Canning

We’re always game for an out of the box wedding idea at Young Hip & Married. And we certainly got that with Hill and Andrea’s country western wedding. That’s right, we’re talking cowboy hats and boots.

Andrea and Hill found the right cowboy for the job with Officiant Randy. In fact, Randy actually won top honours at the BC Wedding Awards for his work officiating this wedding. We was named the Top Wedding Officiant in BC in 2017.

Here’s Randy on the awesome western wedding:

I first met Hill and Andrea when they requested relationship coaching in preparation of their marriage. As we talked about their wedding it became obvious I was a great match for their ceremony. They wanted a western theme with fun bits spread throughout a thoughtful ceremony. We came up with a coconut clicking groom entrance (ala Monty Python), a hearty Yee-Haw response to the community pledge and even a bride-roping symbol of unity. Not only were they pleasantly surprised these were allowed and encouraged, they were thrilled with how we figured out the perfect balance of quirky humour and touching sentiment. The venue, Fort Langley, lent itself to the western theme, and dressing the part was a lot of fun for all of us! Besides telling their personal story, bringing in how others see them and balancing differing spiritual viewpoints, I also offered them a cowboy poem to go with their theme. In the end, they loved what we came up with and the wedding was a blast.

Planning a country wedding or another out of the box theme? Let Andrea and Hill inspire you! And then get in touch with us so we can make all of your wildest ideas come true.

Photos by Kat Grabowski of Art + The Aerialst: