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7 Things We Learned During (Another) Year of Covid Weddings

7 Things We Learned During (Another) Year of Covid Weddings
December 29, 2021 Riana Ang-Canning

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2021, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on everything we’ve learned after (another!) year of covid weddings and marrying couples during a global pandemic. While it hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, we’re so grateful for the love stories we’ve gotten to be a part of and the incredible wedding community we’ve worked with this past year.

Check out 7 things we learned after another year of covid weddings: 

Couples are resilient

The biggest thing we learned through almost two full years of pandemic weddings? Couples are resilient! We’ve watched our couples endure postponements, cancellations, sick and lost loved ones, closed down venues, vendors going out of business, shortened guest lists, changing restrictions and so much more. They’ve rolled with the punches and adapted to every change. We could not be more impressed by the resiliency our couples have shown through some of the most hectic wedding planning conditions.

Love isn’t cancelled

Despite all of the changes, restrictions and bad news, we know one thing is clear: Love isn’t cancelled! Weddings may look different in this time but we’ve all learned that there’s no stopping love. From couples who have decided to elope now and party later, get married safely or spend lockdown together, the pandemic has taught us that love is precious and deserves to be celebrated.

porteau cove elopement, lessons we learned in another year of covid weddings, getting married during the pandemic

by Emily Nicole Photos

Vendors are adaptable

We have been so blown away by how adaptable and creative wedding vendors have been throughout this year. When the pandemic first hit in 2020, the wedding community was grounded. We’ve watched in awe as our friends and fellow vendors have rallied, supported one another and adapted to the “new normal.” From virtual consultations to offering live stream videography and photo booths, wedding vendors have proved their creativity and ability to meet current needs. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this wedding community!

Elopements are here to stay

One big trend that has come out of the pandemic is elopements. While we’ve always loved officiating intimate elopement ceremonies, the pandemic meant more and more couples had to shrink their celebrations. And they learned that just because you have a small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your BIG LOVE! Elopements aren’t for everyone but more and more couples have learned that elopements are the perfect celebration for them.

helicopter elopement with young hip and married

by Erica Miller Photography

Couples are focusing on what really matters

The pandemic has taught us all how to prioritize; we know that health, safety and our loved ones are the most important things. Couples have taken this same thinking into their wedding planning, focusing only on what really matters to them. We’ve loved seeing our couples redesign their wedding days so their celebrations reflect what they truly value.

Our team is amazing

We could not have made it through this second year of the pandemic without the commitment, support, creativity and hard work of every single person on the Young Hip & Married team. From our staff behind the scenes and Customer Service Rockstars who make every booking happen, to our incredible officiants and photographers, we couldn’t be more grateful for every single person who makes Young Hip & Married who we are!

Barnett Marine Park 2021 elopement

by Erica Miller Photography

We missed you! 

Last but not least, 2021 has taught us how much we gosh darn miss you! We can’t wait to meet you over coffee, hear more about your love story, and tell that story in front of all of your friends and family at your awesome, spectacular, totally-worth-the-wait wedding day!

We hope your 2021 was filled with some incredible highlights and awesome lessons, just like ours. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2022!


written by Riana Ang-Canning
feature image by Erica Miller Photography