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Young, Hip & Married & The Rise of Divorcée Parties

Young, Hip & Married & The Rise of Divorcée Parties
May 15, 2015 admin
by Bobbi Salkeld

We at Young, Hip & Married think it can be better than this.*  

I (Bobbi) came across this Globe & Mail article – “Breakout blowouts: How the divorce party is coming on strong for young divorcées” –  floating around in Facebookland a while back.  And I gotta say, it bummed me out.  

As officiants, we meet oodles of couples in the glow of love.  It’s hard to believe that anything can stop love like that – love that’s poised to say “I do” no matter what comes our way.  

So what happens?  Does life just happen?  Are we all just careening for an inevitable end to love when it comes to marriage?  

Light a match?
Burn a dress?
Drink yourself out of that shitty feeling of failure?  

Or, can we dare to say “hold on!”  Hold on to your “I do.”

Life is going to be so much harder than we think.  So much harder.  But I think we can do this.  We can do this alone** or we can do this together.  

There is a book of prayer that says the union of two people is “for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity.”   

The promises we make on a wedding day aren’t for happiness alone, they are for

If you need help getting along, please get it.  
If you need to remember who you are again, you can do that.
If you need space to breathe and time to heal, oh my God,
do that.

We’re gonna stay pretty optimistic about love over here at Young, Hip & Married, keeping love alive in big and little ways, and celebrating our couples all summer long, for the love of it.  

Happy 2014 wedding season, everyone!  We’re doing this.  


* Response note, to be clear: No one should be stuck in a relationship that is abusive in any way.  Getting out of that is important and to be marked, and yes, celebrated.  

** Stay tuned for the fall launch of our blog The Lonely Officiant, by yours truly.