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Valentine’s Day Wedding on Grouse Mountain

Valentine’s Day Wedding on Grouse Mountain
March 28, 2015 admin

Kate and Chris were married by our Young Hip & Married wedding officiant, Bobbi, on Valentine’s Day on the top of Grouse Mountain. Talk about a romantic wedding day!

Valentine’s Day is actually a pretty special day around here. Not only is it a romantic day and a popular one for elopements and wedding, but Valentine’s is also Young Hip & Married co-founder Shawn Miller’s birthday! You know you’re born to be an officiant when you’re born on a day all about love!

Should you get married on Valentine’s Day?

Getting married on Valentine’s Day may sound like a good idea, but is it really? Let’s look at the pros and cons.
There’s truly nothing more romantic than getting married on a day all about love. It instantly makes your wedding day feel that much more special. Plus, you’ll never forget your anniversary!
The downside is that your day may get a little overshadowed. Naturally, lots of other people will be celebrating their love that day, so it might not be all about you. For some couples, that’s a great thing! You may want to share your celebration of love with everyone else. For others, you may not want to share the spotlight.
You may also run into some issues with guests and vendors on Valentine’s Day. While most guests will prioritize a wedding over celebrating Valentine’s Day, some may opt to skip your wedding and do their own thing for V-Day. And you may find that vendors are less available on February 14th. Florists, for example, are extremely busy the week of Valentine’s Day and may not be available for your wedding.
Ultimately, getting married on Valentine’s Day is up to you. If the holiday means something special to you and works for your guests and vendors, you should go for it! But if it’s causing more headaches, there’s no need to force a Valentine’s wedding to happen. After all, if you can’t get married on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate it every year!