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Great outdoor wedding options in the rain: The forest!

Great outdoor wedding options in the rain: The forest!
June 30, 2016 jane

Our hope at Young Hip and Married is to help couples get married the way they want.  Your wedding – your way.  Often this way is, of course, outside!  Yet sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Today we’ll show you another great option for an outdoor wedding in the rain: the forest!

In the first post, we showed you a covered area in a park in Port Moody, BC.  In the second installment of “Where can I have an outdoor wedding in the rain?” we show you another great option: THE FOREST!

Unless the rain is in the camp of “torrential downpour” (which is rare in Vancouver) a small forest wedding in the rain works well.  The trees provide a natural canopy and you stay fairly dry.


There are so many amazing photo options in the forest.


And the trees can even be used as a table for the signing! (Great idea, Bobbi!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.23.01 AM

Here’s Shawn & Erica talking about the Cathedral of Trees!

Come back next Friday for another rainy outdoor wedding idea!

*all photos by Erica Miller Photography