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John and Hazel – June 28, 2014

John and Hazel – June 28, 2014
March 20, 2015 admin


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Cory had the amazing opportunity to officiate John and Hazel’s Rockin’ Wedding at The Museum of Vancouver.  John and Hazel took the opportunity to really make their ceremony unique and meaningful for them.

John and Hazel included Handfasting as part of their ceremony.  Handfasting is a historical term for ‘bethrol’ or ‘wedding’.  Handfasting has a long and beautiful history.
The best man, also named John, performed an ancient handfasting ceremony, while Leslie, the maid of honor did a reading about handfasting.

John and Hazel, along with their children, Risa and Cole poured sand from four individual containers into a frame to signify the unity of the family.  What an amazing idea to include their kids and have a lasting memory to keep in their house to remind them that they are united.

The couple included so many personal touches in their unique wedding, the handfasting, the sand frame, Hazel even made all the dresses, shawls and handkerchiefs.  It’s such an honor to be able to be a part of such an amazing ceremony.

Thank you John and Hazel for really working with Cory to make this wedding true to the two of you.   And allowing Young Hip and Married to be part of your wedding day.

To find out more about handfasting and if it’s something you would like to include your ceremony, visit,