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Have a Pop Up Wedding in Vancouver for Under $3000!

Have a Pop Up Wedding in Vancouver for Under $3000!
May 23, 2015 admin
Over the years, Young Hip & Married wedding officiants have been involved in a number of pop up weddings. We love the idea of marrying couples in fun and unique ceremonies that are budget-friendly and not overly time consuming.
Considering a pop up wedding or elopement? Here are 3 reasons why a pop up elopement might be right for you.

Pop up weddings are budget-friendly

Because pop up wedding companies often put on many weddings on the same day, utilizing the same vendors, the same vendors and the same decor, they’re able to offer their wedding services at a discounted price.

Pop up weddings save you time

Not only are pop up weddings cheaper but they also save you a lot of time and stress. Pop up elopements are generally shorter, focusing on a small ceremony and perhaps a mini reception, such as a cake cutting or a champagne toast.
They also save you a ton of time and stress when it comes to planning your wedding! Most pop up companies take care of all of the details for you. All you have to do is show up in an outfit of your choosing and get married!

Elopements are all about you

With an intimate elopement, the focus is truly on the couple of the hour. There are less distractions and less things to worry about. Everyone knows they have gathered in place for one reason: to witness your commitment to one another.
Just because pop up wedding companies serve many couples in a single day doesn’t mean your ceremony won’t be unique. You can still personalize your wedding ceremony to you by writing your own vows, incorporating your own tradition and celebrating in style afterwards.
Would you get married in a pop up elopement? We’d love to host more pop up Vancouver elopements around the city! Get in touch if that sounds like fun and you want to elope with us!