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A Boat Wedding in Vancouver

A Boat Wedding in Vancouver
May 26, 2015 admin
Vancouver wedding officiant Lani Brunn officiated a boat wedding in Vancouver for Nathan and Carola. While we love marrying people in Vancouver’s parks, mountains and beaches, there is something special about officiating a boat wedding on the water. 
If you have a special connection to the water or just love the idea of getting married out on the ocean, consider a boat wedding! Vancouver has lots of venues available and it’s a great choice for a unique ceremony. Whether at a boathouse, on a pier or out on a ship in the inlet, you can enjoy the best of Vancouver’s waterways. Your guests will love it and just think about the views you’ll enjoy!
Of course, if a boat wedding isn’t your thing, there are lots of other wedding venues and elopement locations around Vancouver. Check out some of our favourite Vancouver elopement locations in the city and Vancouver elopement locations off the beaten path. Wherever you choose to get married in Vancouver, we’d love to help get you married!
Stephanie Perkins once said, “For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”  
Officiant Lani shares with us some reflections from her Vancouver boat wedding ceremony with Nathan and Carola:
“Nine years ago, Nathan and Carola met for the first time on a camping trip. On that trip, Nathan asked Carola out on their first date and since that moment, they have been inseparable. They have truly found home in each other.  
After dreaming with you about what your ceremony could look like, it was magical to see it all come together. What an honour to be with you on your wedding day, standing beside the river at UBC Boathouse, as you finally said, “I do.” Lots of love as you step into this next chapter of your lives together!”