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Big Wedding Vs. Buying a Home

Big Wedding Vs. Buying a Home
February 27, 2015 admin

Wedding VS Buying a Home is a real decision that a lot of couples face. This is a guest post by one of our amazing couples. Amy and Matt. Check out what they had to say.

Two years ago I married my best friend and sweetest man I know and bought our first home together all in the same couple of weeks! We decided that purchasing a home was high up on our goal list as was getting married but, having a huge wedding would kill this dream of owning a home together right away.  Being a Mortgage Broker and my husband being a Realtor we knew that we could not afford both at the same time.        

So, we starting looking on how we could do both! Destination wedding was so affordable and allowed us to have our honeymoon built into one trip! So, we started planning this but found that with all the paper work required by the Mexican government it would be easier to have the ceremony here in Canada. Matt did some research on the internet and found Young Hip and Married.

We contacted them and Skyped with our Officiant and knew he was the one to do our little wedding here in Canada right on White Rock beach where we met.  He was so laid back and understood the importance that faith would play a part in our ceremony. So, we had a few special people meet us on the beach for a beautiful and sweet ceremony one year after the day we met! We exchanged vows all around the same time of getting the keys to our new home!

Was such an exciting time and so thank-full to Young Hip and married to be able to make all our dreams come true affordably and smoothly!

Then 6months later we flew to Mexico with our friends and family and I walked down the aisle on the beach to my amazing husband for a beautiful perfect wedding! Dreams do come true.

Amy & Matt Kinvig  &