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Love Lasts a Lifetime | How to Keep Your Romance Strong

Love Lasts a Lifetime | How to Keep Your Romance Strong
September 20, 2016 jane
As you probably heard, Young Hip and Married is pleased to accept weekly guest posts!  Here are some great tips on how to keep you romance strong! You don’t need diamonds for your love to last a life time but Majesty Diamonds has some great advice about it.

In a world in which divorce strikes 50% of marriages it may be hard to believe that love lasts a lifetime. However, new studies show this is a possibility!

Every year lots of couples embark on a new marriage; however, many of them don’t last past the first few years. Marriage can be tough and getting through the lows to reach the highs might seem impossible. Other couples manage to maintain their marriage, but romance fades completely from their life. So, how exactly do all of these long term couples make love last a lifetime?


Here are a few tips that could leave you and your partner feeling the romance decades from now.

Try New Things
Life gets boring if it’s the same thing over and over again, so why would a relationship be any different? Try to mix things up a little bit and get out into the world to try something new. You don’t have to go skydiving to keep your romance sparked—but it can’t hurt! New activities intensify feelings in your brain, so when you do them with someone you love these feelings are also attributed to the person you’re with. Thus, making you feel even more attracted to the person. So, get out there and travel the world, try something new for dinner or check out dancing class, your romance will thank you for it.

Be Independent
Trying new things together is a great way to keep the attraction going, but also getting out and doing things on your own helps the romance too. Don’t give up your hobbies and skills because your partner’s not interested and don’t expect them to do this for you. Instead, embrace your hobbies and use the time to reconnect with yourself. Independence is actually attractive to the human brain and will make you see your partner in a different light and vice versa.

Surprise Each Other
Everyone likes to be surprised once in a while, whether it be with jewelry or a new tech gadget. Pay attention to your significant other when they seem to fall in love with something and get it for them! This will go a long way especially if there is no particular occasion. Or if they’ve had a stressful day, try to rush home and cook a nice and romantic dinner and have it ready for when they arrive with some light candles.

Make Your Passion for Life Count
Strong feelings for everything that comes your way in life will ensure your romance will also be this passionate. Psychologically speaking, those that embrace the things that come to them in life are more likely to bring that passion into their relationship. Strong feelings as well as positivity help keep the romance alive no matter how many years pass you by.

Love is Blind
Keep the rose colored glasses on, within reason. When you first met your significant other, chances are you were pretty certain they hung the moon. Most relationships begin with a couple thinking their partner is the best catch around. As time passes this begins to change, but it doesn’t have to entirely. In fact, it’s totally okay to feel like your partner is the most awesome person around. This will help keep your romance going for years to come.

Marriage, It’s a Journey
A lot of people tend to see marriage as something that’s just a part of life, whilst others enter into a marriage looking for security and a safeguard against loneliness. Instead of taking your marriage as something along these lines, try looking at it as more of a journey. Love lasts a lifetime when you see the other person as your companion through a fulfilling life. Be prepared to grow, learn and find out more about you and your partner on this journey. When
you do this you and your other half will work harder to make the journey more fulfilling for the both of you.

A Lifetime of Romance is Possible
Scientists have recently worked on a few studies to see how the brain functions while in love. This research went on to help them figure out if romantic love can, in fact, last a lifetime. They gathered data from couples who had recently fallen in love as well as those that had been married a decade or longer. This data actually showed that the newer couples were experiencing the same rewarding feeling as some of the older couples and in some cases these
couples actually seemed to feel it more intensely. So, don’t let statistics get you down. Your romance doesn’t have to falter, nor does your marriage. With this scientific proof and a few handy tips, you can make sure you and your partner know how to succeed in marriage and keep the magic happening throughout your lives.