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How to Prepare for 2022: The Year of Weddings

How to Prepare for 2022: The Year of Weddings
December 8, 2021 Riana Ang-Canning
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If you’re getting married in 2022, you’re not alone. In fact, far from it!

They say that 2022 is going to be “the year of many, many weddings,” and “the biggest year in the wedding industry” with a record-breaking 2.5 million weddings set to take place in the US alone. Our 2022 Young Hip & Married bookings calendar is telling us to get ready for an explosion of weddings in 2022!

So whether you’re a guest, a vendor or a couple planning a wedding in 2022, here’s how you can prepare for The Year of Weddings!

Why are there so many weddings happening in 2022?

Why has 2022 been dubbed The Wedding Boom? Well, a few reasons.

To start with, we have all of the couples who originally wanted to get married in 2022. On top of that, we have all of the 2020 weddings and 2021 weddings that were postponed to 2022 in hopes that large weddings would be back. So that’s three years of weddings in one!

As we enter into the third year of the pandemic, many couples are realizing that they don’t want to postpone their wedding day indefinitely. Many have been waiting years, rescheduling and postponing countless times, and are just ready to do the darn thing! Plus, with the pandemic teaching us how short life can be, many couples are choosing to walk down the aisle sooner rather than later.

Since 2022 is looking more hopeful for large celebrations to be held safely (knock on wood!), it only makes sense that a lot of couples are planning to get married in the new year.

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Is it too late to book a 2022 wedding?

So with all of those weddings already scheduled for 2022, is it too late for you to still plan and book your own 2022 wedding? Not necessarily.

Flexibility is the name of the game. If you’re hoping to get married in the next 12 months, you’re going to need to be flexible with the date, time and venue of your wedding. You may also have to go with second choice vendors (if your first choices are booked) and accept that some of your guests may already have plans.

But if you’re flexible and able to book ASAP, you can definitely still get married in 2022. Click here to book your 2022 officiant! 

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Is it safe to get married in 2022?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that no one knows what the future holds. It’s impossible to say if things will be 100% safe or back to normal for your 2022 wedding.

But there are lots of reasons to be optimistic. Generally speaking, couples have been able to have larger weddings in safer ways more recently and we have protections in place. There are many things you can do to keep your 2022 wedding safer like hold it outside, lower your guest count, and ask guests to vaccinate/isolate.

All that being said, no one has a crystal ball. We don’t know what variant or natural disaster might be right around the corner. Stay informed about local rules and restrictions, and be ready to roll with the punches.

outdoor wedding celebration ahead of 2022 year of weddings

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Advice for 2022 couples getting married

Be patient with your vendors: As expected in The Year of Weddings, your vendors are likely very busy. Please be patient if they take a little longer to get back to you than normal. Many vendors are  dealing with labour shortages, supply chain delays and unstable finances from two years of postponements, so any grace and understanding you can offer is always so appreciated.

Book early, quickly & confidently: With vendor availability filling up faster than ever in 2022, it’s important that you book as early as possible to secure your first choice of vendor. You’ll also want to book quickly, so vendors can confirm with you and not leave dates on hold. And you’ll want to book confidently, trusting you have chosen the right vendor and being comfortable with their cancellation policy should plans change.

Be understanding with your guests: Just because you’re ready to party in 2022 doesn’t mean that all of your guests will feel the same way. The pandemic is still very much a part of people’s lives and not everyone may be comfortable gathering in large groups or flying across the country. Guests may also find themselves double-booked in The Year of Weddings or unable to financially commit to attending another wedding.

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Advice for 2022 wedding vendors

Start preparing now: With the Wedding Boom incoming, it’s important to do whatever you can to prepare ahead of time. Hire and train new team members, get your admin in order, plan out your budget, upgrade your tools, fix that one bug on your website, and whatever else you need to do to make it through The Year of Weddings!

Focus on thriving, not just surviving: For the last two years, it’s been about survival mode for the wedding industry. And sadly, not every business has made it through. For those of us lucky enough to still be here serving couples, we want to encourage you (and ourselves!) to make 2022 a year of thriving, and not just surviving. What can we do to grow our businesses and serve our couples even better?

Lean on your fellow vendors for support: Getting through a global pandemic with labour shortages, supply chain delays and months of no income is not easy! We have been so impressed by the resilience and creativity of the wedding vendor community and how supportive vendors have been of one another. If you need a shoulder to lean on, we’re here for ya!

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Advice for 2022 wedding guests

Only do what you’re comfortable with: Just because 2022 is The Year of Weddings doesn’t mean you have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. It is completely appropriate to ask the couple what safety guidelines they will be following and to assess your own risk factors. Your health, safety and comfort are always the most important things.

Plan out your calendar and your finances: With so many weddings happening in 2022, you’ll want to plan out your calendar in advance to make sure you’re not double-booking or running out of vacation days. You may also want to plan out your finances and budget to be able to afford all of the wedding-related expenses (gifts, airfare, hotels, outfits, etc.).

It’s okay to say no: Remember that it is totally okay to respectfully decline an invitation. Whether you’re not comfortable in large groups, have a fully booked calendar, can’t afford it or are simply burned out on weddings, it is absolutely fine to prioritize yourself and say no. For example, you may skip out on the wedding shower in order to conserve your social energy for the wedding day or downsize your wedding gift to stay within your budget. Your loved ones will understand!

Are you ready for The Wedding Boom in 2022: The Year of Weddings?


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